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We specialise in contemporary design inspired by the Chinese culture.

We follow the evolution of the society, foresee what is not yet possible and design for change. We constantly improve our design strategies and methodologies while holding true to our value.



VEGA believes
that design is commercial

Design is commercial. Design is more than conceiving and creating objects - it is more of a process which solve problems, meet needs and create surprises.



Interior Design

A multidisciplinary team can bring synergistic results to a project. On the other hand, a 'professional' company with a narrow skillset cannot meet the demand of today's consumers. We believe that originality and design integration in a brand will be increasingly valued in the near future.



Branding Design

A brand is so much more than a logo. Brand identity should have multiple facets - with the help of good designers, it manifests itself through graphic, interior space, product and even artwork.

一个 Logo 不等于品牌,品牌的形象应该是多元化的。结合对品牌的理解,平面、空间、产品、艺术都是不可或缺的元素,只有多元化的呈现才能让品牌更加丰满。 


Product Design

Three things we always aim for: product with originality; comprehensive services for our client and solving problems while bringing surprise to our world.


如何将不同专业的人才整合起来是 VEGA 团队建设的重点。创造出多元化的设计产品,更立体的服务于用户,在满足需求的同时创造更多的惊喜,是我们不断追求的目标。 

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